Laura Wall

Model & dancer

Welcome to the official website of Laura Wall! She is Swedish-Italian model and dancer currently based in New York City. As a dance and model, she has been feature on blogs, online-TV, websites, catalogues and performed in theatres in Sweden, Italy, US, Brazil, Hong Kong, Korea and Mexico. She continues to explore her creativity globally.

Laura Wall loves to travel and explore new parts of the world! Do you want to collaborate with Laura but are not located in New York City? Not a problem! Send her an email she is exited to book new projects all over the world!


Hi I am Laura! Most days you can find me dancing around my apartment to music you probably have not heard before. I also dance while grocery shopping or waiting for the subway. I am mostly known for being a person that is always searching for new and exiting challenges around the globe. People often refer to me as an adventurous girl that...

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