Photo by: Photofactory29

Photo by: Photofactory29

About Laura Wall

Hello, I'm Laura! I am dancer and model based in New York City, 4000 miles from my home town.

Most days you can find me dancing around my apartment to music you probably have not heard before. I also dance while grocery shopping or waiting for the subway. I am mostly known for being a person that is always searching for new and exiting challenges around the globe. People often refer to me as an adventurous girl that can't sit still more than 20 minutes. 

I love serving the world by putting a smile on people's faces and encourage them to pursue their passion, no matter how crazy it might seem at a start.



I work with people who are looking for fun and different photos. I love to explore my creativity in front of the camera and explore the possibilities outside the box. I can guarantee you at least one silly photo, but also the one that you cannot wait to share with the world.

I teach dancers to explore their passion and to stop worrying about "tilt Tuesday" but instead dance from the heart. 

I inspire people who want a choreographer and dancer that is telling a story. That touches your heart by moving her feet.

As a dancer and model I have been featured on blogs, online TV, websites, catalogs and performed in theaters in Sweden, Italy, US, Brazil, Hong Kong, Korea and Mexico. 


When I'm not busy working on choreography or photoshoots, you can catch me in the Baruch college library pursuing a BBA in Marketing Management. I also travel a lot, most of my trips are back to Europe to see my family, but there are many more parts of the world I want to explore. The next places I want to explore are the Caribbean, Bali and Vietnam.

In 2012, I packed my bags and moved to New York City, from a small Swedish town named Mölndal (we have a few weird letters in Swedish). I was born and raised there, by a Swedish father, Italian mother with my two younger (twin) sisters. Three years ago we got a new family member, an Australian shepherd named Kidd that spends his days looking for people to cuddle with (you might be the next lucky winner) or people that will take him swimming.

If you are dying to hear more, here are five things that you might not know about me:

1. I'm fluent in three languages and currently working on learning a 4th one.

2. I love to stay up late and choreograph until I've hit repeat on the same song so many times I don't wanna hear it anymore. 

3. I call my mother daily, sometimes more than once.

4. I didn't wear heels outside the house until I was 20 years old because I thought I was too tall (5"11/180cm).

5. When the day comes that I get a house I want to rescue two dogs.

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